Wine and cycle in Priorat - English version

We invite you to visit the area of Priorat. We will travel from the white wine to the red wine vineyards and to discover the history of these little places where the first evidence of grape growing and wine production dates from the 12th century at the Carthusian Monastery of Scala Dei; The monks tended the vineyards for centuries when they were expropriated by the state and distributed to the small land owners… there are many stories between those times and year 2000 when the Catalan authorities approved Priorat’s elevation from DO to DOQ status; The Spanish Government only recognized this level in 2009 and nowadays only Rioja and Priorat boast that status.

We will cycle in this area where you can find cloisters, churches or monasteries from as early as year 1194; and we will do it on gravel roads, single tracks or tarmac, depending on what you prefer, but whatever way you choose, we guarantee quiet traffic days, whether you choose mixed terrain or tarmac routes!

We would like you to enjoy the km on the bicycle, the wine, the food and the atmosphere in these little villages


Detaljert beskrivelse

Day 0 Departure
Check in 7:30 Gardemoen

Norwegian DY 1741

Departure 9:00 Gardemoen

Norwegian DY1741

Arrival at BCN TBC Barcelona

We will have a minibus contracted to take us to Priorat. We will stop on the way to get the bicycles if needed!

Lunch 14:30 Castelldefels


Hotel Check in TBC Prades

 Check in and depending on the time, warm up loop to check the bicycles are ok.

 We will stay in a countryside bed & breakfast.

Dinner 20:30 Restaurant

Dinner in a restaurant in the village square.

Day 1
First stage 09:00 Prades - Escaladei

Prades is a village that lies on the border of Priorat and 1000 meters above sea level, so we will cycle on gravel roads, single tracks or road down and up to Siurana, a little village with an amazing view to the surrounding valley which is known for the amazing olive oil they produce.

Lunch 13:00 Restaurant

Lunch in a restaurant on the way.

First day Target 16:30 Escaladei

The route to get to Escaladei can be a combination of terrains.

If the choice is road bike, there are 2 options; 52 km and 1120m ascend or 62 km and 1480m ascend. There are many options in this area so if necessary there could always be a shorter route.

For those who wish it, we can take a 7 min easy ride to the monastery (after the wine tasting) which is worth a visit!

Wine cellar visit 17:30 Escaladei

Wine tasting in a cellar, 3 min walk from the apartments where we will stay that night.

Dinner 20:30 Restaurant Escaladei

Local restaurant in the village.

Day 2
Start 09:00 Escaladei - Porrera

By now you will have experienced the hilly area of priorat... be ready for another day.

Again for the road bikes we have two routes: 54.2 km 1060m ascend or 62,1 and 1180 ascend.

Lunch 13:00 Pic Nic

Probably today the best option is to take something with us!

Wine cellar visit 21:00 Porrera

Today we will visit the smallest wine cellar in the area... or it could be the smallest in the world... they say!!! This will be after dinner

Dinner 19:30 Restaurant

Local restaurant

Day 3
Start 09:00 Porrera Gratallops

Today we suggest a 51,7 km and 1070 m ascend, or maybe a shorter one so we could arrive to Gratallops at lunch time and enjoy some time relaxing time, another wine tasting etc..

Lunch 13:30 Restaurant

We will have lunch in Gratllops

Vineyard visit 16:30 Gratallops

today our wine tasting will start in the vineyard with amazing views and good stories from the area.

Dinner 20:00 Restaurant/Bar

Local restaurant

Day 4
Breakfast 9:00 Hotel
Transfer to BCN airport 11:00 Hotel Porrera
Departure 15:45 El Prat- BCN

Wine and cycle in Priorat - English version


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Spania - Katalonia - Penedes - Priorat Vanskelighetsgrad:
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