Grieg Seafood Bikeclothes, SISMIC

SuverenSport has the pleasure of offering Grieg Seafood new Team bike clothing.
Our collaborative partner is Catalan SISMIC, run by two brothers, both of whom are enthusiastic cyclists who create top quality sportswear. SISMIC has got many top riders on the customer list.

The bike ridge is made of polyester fabric, with a special finishing, with dry skin technology that absorbs, dries and exposes moisture (high breathability). Bike trousers in ergonomic design, integrated with a single nail (other skin), Transferable 70 mm Grip strip with silicone for optimal grip. More comfortable design of super elastic front straps. Very breathable and elastic microfelt strap.

With several customers, we have tested Sismic both sweater and trousers (padding) for day long ride through the Pyrenees, including Tourmalet on the climbing list. The feedback from them and the others who tested was very good and is a good reason for this being chosen.

Order before May 25th.

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Which size

Which size? Below you have a size guide based on individual measurements (breast size, waist size and hip size). For upper body garments (jerseys, jackets, etc.), the breast size applies, for leg clothes (bike shorts etc) it is waist and hip size. However, this is a template and does not necessarily be 100% correct, but not fare away!


Grieg Seafood SISMIC

SISMIC Active Wear is a production workshop for the most demanding athletes.
Both the founders, Jordi and Enric Codony, and their team, are driven by a strong passion for sports and competition, working for the best personal technical clothing.
One of the company's goals is to use a tight range of state-of-the-art textile products to create high-performance clothing.


Ordering is now taking place through SuverenSport. However, all orders will be collected from you before it is produced. There must be a minimum of 6 pieces. in order per item.

Prices are per item. Everything is delivered by person to Grieg Seafood headquarters in your country, invoiced to each individual from SuverenSport when a joint order is sent.

Log in / register, remember to enter full name, email address, mobile number and address. You either order by going to "STORE/BUTIKK", at the top right scroll down to Grieg Seafood or "START BESTILLING" inside the page where you read this.

The ordering period is from today and until May 25th. 2021. Delivery 2-3 weeks after we have ordered.